Monday, December 3, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

    Hello everyone! Thank you very much for supporting our Alice in Wonderland for our 2nd and last Anniversary in Ameba Pico World! For a week, our Anniversary Video hit more than 2,400 views! And we received lots of feed back and support from our supporters. Through it, we would like to know everyone's favorite so we're helding our first and last RED Carpet in Ameba Pico.

Title Categories:

    Let us know your favorites by answering the poll in one week starting today! The people's choice will be announce on the Étoile Graduation Week, so you better not to miss it! Also, Don't forget to share this event to your friends. The more votes the more challenging!

 ☆彡Étoile Sisters★彡
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Étoile Royal

Best Actor

    Who among the Étoiles you think is the best on acting for the Anniversary video: Alice in wonderland who really  suits the role and acted the best and the one who's your favorite?

Best Actress

    These are the casts who talked in the video who got the chance to be nominated in the category. So who do you think is the best actress among the 3?

Best Twin

    Who among the twins is your favorite and you think that acted their best in the Alice in Wonderland video for Étoile's 2nd Anniversary Video?

Best Villain

    Who do you think played the best role as a villain in Alice in Wonderland among the 5 counting both the wonderland and real world division?

The Most Favorite Queen

    Both of the Queen roles are played by the Étoile starters. Who is your favorite Queen between them?

The Most Favorite Champion

    Champion means, the one who will protect the queen and both Red Queen and White Queen have their own champions who are Jabberwocky for the Red Queen and Alice for the White Queen, who is your favorite among them?